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Mayan Hunter, character concept

Another Mayan character design, complete with camouflage body paint! Same style and media as the previous character. I had to work, and re-work the legs, but eventually got his pose right.  

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Mayan Shaman, character concept

I watched the movie Apocalypto and was inspired to draw this character. I drew him with a variety of graphite Prismacolor’s on a large Canson sketchpad, scanned and touched up digitally. I played around with some color for a while, … Continue reading

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Daniel, portrait study

This fellow did yard work at one of the properties we house sat while living in Costa Rica. I got him to pause from his work long enough to snap a quick photo. His name was Daniel and he was native to … Continue reading

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Figure Studies

Below are some new figure study sketches. In the past I have used photo reference when doing anatomy or figure studies. I still use photos, but lately I have been playing around with the DAZ 3D modeling program. It allows me … Continue reading

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