Our Walk to School, book cover

I recently finished up a book cover for a nice gentleman in San Francisco. Michael gave me a clear description of what he had in mind for his cover and the scene he described was pretty straightforward. The only change that was made along the process was the girls hairstyle which you can see from the drawing to final cover. This image took a good deal of time given the amount of detail I put into it, but it was enjoyable to work on and I’m happy with the results.

Initial rough sketches

Character tonal drawing

Background sketch

Completed tonal painting of the background

Photoshop work space

In the image above you can see my work space in Photoshop. I created some custom brushes specifically for the the leaves on the trees and they worked really well. Also visible is my layers pallet. You can see I take the time to name and organize layers into respective folders, especially on a project like this when there are close to a thousand layers!

Alternate cover idea

Final cover, 8 x 5 inches


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